Monday, March 12, 2012

On My Life East of Somewhere...

Rainy Skies in the desert

A flower pot in the windowsill.
I was really missing California greenery.

My heart plant.  
To help fill the bleak landscape.

How I have been spending my unemployment.
I missed painting too.

My boyfriend's zombie game.  
We like to play it before The Walking Dead comes on :)

Those are just some of the images that fill my life here in the desert.  Things aren't so bad now, but they're heating up.

On Where I Am Now...

Before moving to Phoenix, I had no idea what this move would mean.
I knew it would be significant.  I knew it would be an adventure.  But I don't think I was truly prepared for what would come.

Phoenix has not been easy on me.  I have been unemployed twice (the second time being right now).  I have struggled to support myself.  I have had to quit a job for the first time.  I have also been laid off for the first time.
But Phoenix has also brought another first...a good first.

It has brought me my first love.

And to me that has been the most significant part of this adventure.  I think maybe this was the reason God brought me here.  Maybe I'll never find a great job here.  Maybe that won't be until later down the line.  Maybe I ended up in Phoenix in order to meet James.  Maybe Phoenix is just a stepping stone to the next phase of my life.
If it is, it is a rough stepping stone.  But I think I need it to be.  It is shaping the person I am and am going to be.
I feel like that stone being knocked around in the ocean.  I'm being knocked around...but also being polished.

I'm healing in some ways...growing in others.  

Nobody said adventures would be easy.  But I think I'll be fine.  I got love on my side.