Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On Life Lately...

I'm choosing to remain mum on my whole job situation right now since there are a few things currently in the works...fingers crossed everybody!

However, if you've been wondering what I have been up to lately, my life has been pretty good. Just because you're jobless and poor doesn't mean life can't still be fabulous.

Spring has finally arrived in the Chicagoland and it has come in full force. Growing up in California kind of numbed me to everyday, natural beauty in some ways, but suffering through a Midwest winter (OK I was only here for two months. I'm a big baby.) has made me that much more grateful for spring, flowers, sun and spring clothes.

I've been spending a lot of time with James' family lately. When your own family is 2,000 miles away and you have no local friends of your own, hanging out with your future in-laws can be fun (we're not engaged...I'm just saying).

Also, I am so into all things 20s right now. I recently read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, which takes place in Paris during the 1920s (it is about Hadley Hemingway during the same period Ernest Hemingway wrote about in A Moveable Feast), and now I am reading The Diviners by Libba Bray, which combines the supernatural with New York in the 20s. This is all preparing me for, you guessed it, THE GREAT GATSBY. After my interview on Friday I am definitely seeing this movie (hopefully in celebration)*. I love Baz Luhrmann, Leonardo Dicaprio and the Great Gatsby. How can this movie go wrong?

*Sorry about all the parentheses today. 

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