Thursday, September 5, 2013

On the Fast-approaching Fall...

While my friends in California have been begging for the beginning of autumn, I have spent the entire month of August basically dreading the fall. I felt like I hadn't gotten enough summer time in yet. I mean, I haven't used my bathing suit once! However, now that it's September (and last week was blazing hot), I'm actually starting to get excited for fall. It has always been my favorite season, and I always felt that it started way too late in California (Arizona doesn't really have a fall. It goes from summer to winter in about two weeks). I'm really excited to see what the season is like here in Chicagoland (while I visited during Thanksgiving last year, I missed the time when all the leaves were changing. It looked like winter instead, even if it didn't feel like it yet).

Now I'm looking forward to wearing scarves and jackets and cute outfits without sweating. Here's to fall! And I hope it's a long one because the thought of winter coming is scaring me.

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