Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On my Happiness Project...

I just started reading "The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean my Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle and Generally Have More Fun" by Gretchen Rubin, and while I've literally only read the introduction, I am totally inspired to start a happiness project of my own.
My happiness project isn't about making drastic changes to my life, but rather about increasing my appreciation and happiness in everyday life. While I would describe myself as happy already, there is always room for improvement. The happier I am, the more positively I will affect the world. So here I go.

My first month's goals are going to be about health/energy. I try to take good care of myself, but sometimes I make bad choices.
1. Fit in three gym sessions every week. I can't tell you how much better and more energetic I feel since I started working out again a couple months ago. I can feel the changes in my body, and I want to keep it up. The problem is that when I skip working out sometimes, it becomes harder and harder to get back in the groove, so I want to make sure that I keep to my three times a week promise, even if that means getting up earlier on weekends! Which brings me to my next goal...
2. Eat better on weekends! So I tend to eat pretty well during the week, but then the weekend rolls around and I start vegging out...or more accurately not eating vegetables at all. I want to make sure I'm making healthy food choices all week long because I don't like feeling sick when Monday comes around.
3. Cook more.It's not that I can't cook, it's that I usually wait until I'm starving to start cooking, so I end up opting for something quick. I would like to get into cooking more and try out different recipes, without relying on my roommate to make things for me. The weekend is a great place to start this goal since I want to eat better then :)
4. Eat breakfast. I never used to skip breakfast, but since I got my current job, I've been having a hard time waking up early enough to eat something. It is so unhealthy and energy-zapping to skip breakfast, so I'm going to start again. If I have to, I'll make an egg sandwich or something at night and heat it up in the morning.
5. Don't beat myself up when I don't meet a goal! I am doing this for my own happiness after all. It's counter productive to beat myself up if I have pizza two days in a row or miss a workout session.

So that is my goal for the next month. I know I'm starting pretty late in November, but I feel like I can get in the groove by December. Just remember that you shouldn't wait to start making changes to your life. Don't think that you'll start working out when this happens or that you'll eat better once the new year rolls around. Make changes today.


  1. Some great goals. I never ever miss breakfast.. even my husband who doesn't have time to sit grabs a banana and a glass of milk before heading out the door.

    1. Bananas have been my go-to but sometimes I don't eat it until I'm already at work, which is an hour away. This morning I opted for toast and chocolate milk :)