Monday, November 19, 2012

On Traveling...

The Bean in Chicago
Tonight at 2 a.m. I embark for Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and his family!
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. Not only will I be able to add a new state to my travel list, but I will also get to see my future home city (and my boyfriend, whom I miss terribly, of course).
I just checked the weather forecast, and it will be a balmy 58-60 degrees for Tuesday through Thursday, with it dropping down to the 40's for Friday, when I leave, which is not bad. I think I can definitely handle that.
I am really excited about moving to Chicago in March. I know the weather will be hard for me to handle, being a Southern California girl through and through, but I am an adventurous soul deep down and am excited about moving to a new city and state. I never had that much opportunity to travel as a kid, not counting the one trip my family took to Colorado and back. In fact, most of my travelling experience didn't happen until college, when I first made the trip up to San Francisco (had never been to this city despite living in CA!), Oregon, Seattle, and of course Italy. Then once I graduated, I had a job that allowed me to travel to Salt Lake City and Birmingham, AL, which were definitely cool experiences.
Now I'll be moving to the Midwest! That blows my mind. I never saw myself moving to Chicago in a million years. I love the surprises that life throws at you.
And my wonderful boyfriend James promises that we'll keep traveling together because he knows how much I want to see the world.

Oh yeah, and since he's working tomorrow, guess who is picking me up from the airport? His mom, whom I've never met. Not nerve wracking at all.

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