Saturday, February 2, 2013

Smashbook: Scrapbooking for the Non-Scrapbooker...

So I have managed to finish one of my goals for this month of creativity/doing what I love. Meet my Smashbook. A twist on traditional scrapbooking, this is a book that comes in a variety of themes. Each page comes already decorated, which is great for me because I think the whole process of a traditional scrapbook seemed overwhelming, which is probably why I've waited a year and a half to even start. The Smashbook allowed me to make my scrapbook into a much more artsy and less-organized affair. I added pictures, souvenirs, journal entries that I wrote while in Venice and even added a few of my watercolors. I am not quite done with my project yet. I want to add pictures of a few more of my watercolors and write ending thoughts in the back of the book. Over all, I like the way it turned out. Smashbooks are a really great way to scrapbook on the go or to do inspiration journals. Every book comes with a great pen/glue stick, and I accented my book with tapes and notepads that I also bought along with it. Check out some of the pages below: 

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