Thursday, October 11, 2012

On the next two weeks...

Our Halloween wreath on our front door
The next two weeks are bringing me two pretty major events in my life. The first one (Oct. 17) is James and my one year anniversary :)  The second one (Oct. 22) is when James leaves me to go to Chicago :(

I'm not really prepared for him to go. We have been practically inseparable for the entirety of our relationship (especially after we moved in together). Until now, the longest we have ever been apart was nine days for Christmas and New Years. While I think it might be good to have some time to reacquaint ourselves with our individual selves, five months is just too long. It is going to be really hard. How am I preparing myself for such a move? Denial.

Him moving out (along with Josh, another roommate) also brings me another problem: finding a new roommate because Rachel and I cannot afford this house by ourselves (Rachel's brother also lives with us but he doesn't make enough money to pay for a third of rent and utilities along with his other bills)(Am I using a lot of parentheses?). While we haven't found a new roommate yet, we are in the process. I put an ad on Craigslist (yikes! Trust me I know), and a few people have responded. Unfortunately it looks like the most likely candidates are all guys, which doesn't have to be a problem, but I'm the one who has to share a bathroom with them. Luckily no creepers have responded...that we know of...yet.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to this month. James and I are going to celebrate our 1st anniversary and my 23rd birthday before he leaves. Then the weekend before my birthday, I'm going home and maybe getting an iPhone 5 from my parents!! And then of course is my birthday...and Halloween shortly after. Too bad they're both during the week.

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