Monday, October 29, 2012

On heading home again...

So I went home this past weekend in order to celebrate my 23rd birthday with my family (my birthday is actually today if you were wondering), and I had a really great time. I took Friday off from work to make the 5 1/2 hour drive into San Diego county, and then that night I went to a local elementary school's harvest festival to see my aunt who had a booth set up for her jewelry. I wish she had an updated website to show you because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the jewelry she makes. My collection is quickly being taken over by her creations. I should post pictures of the pieces I have one day because they are one-of-a-kind funky pieces, which is something I greatly enjoy. Well anyway, I got a new bracelet from Creations by Pauli on Friday, which she said will be accompanied by birthday earrings she will send me soon. I'm excited!
Garden pickins from my mom's fall garden
I also spent the night catching up with my nearly-15-year-old sister and all of her awesome high school drama. It was surprisingly fun.
Then Saturday involved Tri-tip sandwiches with peppers (see above), shopping for my birthday present (I got an amazing heather-grey sweater, comfy knit scarf and gorgeous peacock scarf. Can you tell I'm preparing for fall and winters in Chicago?), cheesecake and seeing my cousins, whom I haven't seen in forever! I would talk about Sunday, but it involves football and crushing defeats of both my San Diego Chargers and fantasy team, so I'm pretending like it didn't happen.
On my actual birthday, I'm at work. As you can tell you guys, I am clearly working :)
I have more plans tonight. I'll let you know if anything good happens. I'm hoping for more cake. 
Oh! Check out this present my brother got me from the Hallmark Store. It is hilarious. Sorry about the terrible filming. I realized I couldn't hit the button with one hand. 

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